Pool party

Guests-at-poolpartyA pool party is quite exactly the kind of party which is always something special and always reminds of pretty women, vacation, water and cocktails. Even if good weather not always is, gives again privately organised pool parties in the in-house garden with swimming pool or, however, also in bigger bath parks and swimming-pools which are converted without further ado in a pool party-location.

Such a special motto party can be organised too quite different starting reading as for example in the birthday, for a jubilee, a passed check or in summer (summer party) from a mood.

Pool parties take place typically in the following locations:

  • Own garden with pool
  • Own house with inside pool
  • Bath parks
  • Swimming-pools / indoor swimming pools
  • Discos with suitable possibilities
  • Houses / flats with jacuzzi

Ideas for a pool party

This clarifies in pool parties is that they completely after like straightened, can be organised and be planned. Depending on how you plan and the invitations formed everybody knows immediately what comes up to him.

Style and elegance

Besides, the celebration must not always degenerate immediately and end in a booze in the water. Pool parties can be also thrown very elegant and elegantly, namely if the guests appear not in bath clothes, but in smart evening dresses and dinner jackets. The pool is lighted up here festively and is decorated.

He serves basically, on this occasion, only as a Deko and is not used himself. One talks and drinks cocktail in the pelvic edge, meets at the pool bar and enjoys Catering Buffet at summery sundown. A barkeeper provides for the constant supplies of drinks and looks after individual wishes for cocktails of the guests.

The pool and Beach party
Summer pool party with happy ones looks company-quite differently it if you already announce in the invitations that it goes hotly and humid-happily. The guests come to bath clothes and are ready to dive in the chill Wet. Cocktails are consumed directly in the water and playful party mood rules everywhere. As dishes her small snack, Fingerfood and party food passes classic. Suitable party plays heat up the mood. Ready there lie water pistols, swimming tyres and bath mats.

Pool parties with costumes

An interesting idea is to combine the pool party with a costume party. According to the occasion it would be to be requested conceivably the guests not only to appear in simple bath clothes, but to devise costumes to itself which turn all around the subject South Pacific atmosphere. Is to be thought here in:

  • Solar hats
  • Hawaii chains
  • Basecaps
  • Sunglasses
  • Tankinis
  • Borat bikinis
  • Baywatch buoy
  • Coconut bra
  • Sombrero care

Tip: To whom no own swimming pool is available, specially a hole must not dig up in the garden and allow to build one. For quite spontaneous Plantsch parties is recommended an inflatable pool which there is to buy on appropriate main entrances gnstig or to rent also. If you have enough place in the garden, this is really an alternative.

Decoration ideas for the swimming-pool party

at-the-swimming-poolEven if the pool is the centre of the party, goes not without suitable decoration which only the right atmosphere lets arise.

Provided that it permits the location, something can be done in the direction of “beach feeling”. Moreover best of all one big tarpaulin spreads out and distributes fine sand to it. Thus the beach is imitated and splashing around gives immediately much more pleasure. On the sand garden chairs, sunshades and air beds are still distributed and the undeveloped outskirt area is ready.

The pool itself should be lighted up if possibly and be clean, then he simply looks more. On the edge can place her lights which donate additional light. Little ones, round side tables are suited always well if one them all around the pool it puts. Discreetly distributed lampions and candle-lighted rallies bring indirect light. Also torches and palms can be placed accordingly.

Also the inside area can be decorated in the classical Beach and bath style. Moreover belong coloured straws, mussels, palms, fruit bowls, phloem elements, bamboo, starfishes or similar.

All possible gadgets which one can use in the water are ornamentally and at the same time practically. Moreover water pistols, swimming armchairs, plastic-noodles, swimming rings, beach-balls and a lot belong more.

Funna ideas for pool games

Who has been already once on a right pool party knows that it can also go schonmal really hotly here and pool plays are nothing unusual. According to occasion, arrangement and expiry of the celebration the most different pool plays can be inserted. We have put together here a few ideas and suggestions for plays in and in the swimming pool.

Broad jump
With this play guests try to jump possibly far back in the pool, either from a standing position or with approach. With an air bed the jump farthest in each case is marked. Attention: The washbasin should be deep enough, otherwise threaten injuries.

Air beds ralley
2 teams which start running mutually in the air bed mutually are put together. It is begun from a gang and is paddled in each case up to the opposite gang and again back. Then it is danced with and the second swimmer in the team is in the row. Has won the team which has his swimmers first by.

Beer cans dive
With this play it is about it in very short time so much full beer cans as possible to ertauchen. As a reward waits the chill barley juice.

Jazz up to the swimming pool celebration

Light vested barkeepers and waitresses are seen especially with pleasure on pool parties of the wet t-shirt contest with next choice of the “Miss Wet T-shirt” and of course also easily. Who can afford it, such a service books itself immediately in addition.

Who would like to straighten a right highlight on his party, that gets himself 2 foam cannons and lets a foam party rise. Dancing, celebrations, splashing around and flirting surrounded from foam an event of the top class and for every guest is unforgettable absolutely. Do not miss moreover our party flirtation tips.

You should keep to drinks to summery and refreshing cocktails like “Sex on the Beach”, Swimming pool “or” Planters Punch”. Draw inspiration, on this occasion, from our ideas in the contribution cocktail party.

Inspirations from night-pool-fete


Decorated swimmingpool ready for games