Party room furnish

party-in-cellarThe dream of a real party friend is to own a whole party room in the house in which one can celebrate playfully, can spend common video- and playevenings and it can allow to go well to itself with drinks. Who has for this a big house or enough place, can count itself happy, because this not always is the case.

Who has a cellar, to that stands the possibility to convert at the possession one or even several rooms in a party room and to furnish him comfortably and imaginatively. This is the ideal Location for birthdays, family parties or also festivities of the most different kind. With the equipment are of the imagination no limits are set and are permitted what likes. But with a few tips own party room becomes the most popular party-location generally.

The advantages of own party rooms in the house are obvious:

  • You can celebrate so long and so loud like you would like to pay attention (esteem to isolation of the walls)
  • You can spontaneously celebrate without depending on some rooms
  • You have to pay no rent for a room
  • You can decorate your own location according to motto yourselves and decorate like you want

A disadvantage is that you must clear up absolutely yourselves if a celebration has taken place. There are tips to the cleaning out after a party of course with us.

On it’s way to have own party room

First you should exactly consider what you would like to do in these rooms. It should be danced at the party or do the festivities take place rather in comfortable round at the table? Also young people often have other images than older ones.
Looks to you at the plan of your house and considers which space has the best prerau’s settlements for a party room. He may not be too small, offer enough removal possibilities and offer suitable stream connections. Ideally also is, for example, an adjoining smaller cellar space which is available as a pantry for drinks, music, Deko or the similar.

Tip: Often will forget with the choice of a suitable party room in the basement on the surface conditions and the walls to pay attention. If you more often want to dance, checks whether the ground cannot be scratched by High Heels and lays out if necessary other ground or carpet.

Equipment ideas for a party room – What has to be in?

It doesn’t matter for which variation you decide, a bar is inalienable, because this makes a party room only a party room. Here not only drinks can be given, but there is enough place for cupboards for the safekeeping and maybe also for a small fridge. Besides, the bar with a few bar stools becomes before it also fast a seat in the animated conversations will occur.

Savings tip: If you want to furnish your party room favourably, a respectable wooden record with 4 feet also reaches for a bar bar. If hangs over here a cloth which reaches up to the ground and decorates the surface typically for a bar. Thus have saved her one amount of money and have furnished favourably.

You find other tips all around the saving and expense factors all around parties with us under party costs.

In the ideal case the equipment is adaptable. Tables and chairs can be removed according to demand here or be removed simply. Nevertheless, it is important that every guest receives a seat opportunity. In small rooms folding chairs or other mobile seats provide good services. An extendable table is practical furthermore. According to number of the guests this can be increased arbitrarily. Chairs are stacked either about one another or are folded up. Place already exists for a dance floor.

For a comfortable party room equipment sofas or lounge party furniture are a good variation which are positioned on account of the place standards best of all on the wall. Thus enough space is in the middle for a dance floor. If it should be comfortable, however, still not too expensive, seat bags and hassocks than practically and have turned out comfortably. One can position you adaptably and quickly small little groups form on a party for getting to know. Here more about party piece of furniture there is to read with us.

Bar stools are basically a must if one a bar has. These are already very favorable to have and form the basis for the party room. It pays attention to the fact that you fit from the colour and the style in your cellar. An electric chimney in a dark corner can provide for additional cosiness and lend more warmth whole.

Party room accessories and accessory for home

Party-with-billardWith party room accessories those accessories are meant, that are not to be found in other locations outside. Herewith are meant, for example, a play console which can be accommodated in the party room if for it need exists. Distorting mirrors provide for fun and conjure a perfect mood. Classics are also dartboards. These are easy to mount on the walls and, besides, do not take away also so much place.

Other great accessories facilities are pinball machine tables, football player’s table, Shufflepuck, snooker or the similar. This always provides for mood and can be also removed when required if place is required.
A fridge is nearly inalienable. Thus drinks or small morsels can be stored always handy and cooled. Nevertheless, particularly stylisch this works with a glass door.

There are for this special party refrigerators for the catering trade company which make really a lot here. We have provided here extensive tests and what determines the best party fridge must bring, so that it is not only a real eye-cacher, but to you also a real help is.

What may not be also absent, a respectable Zapfanlage is to be connected around an also sometimes beer barrel. Who has tapped already once beer knows how much better this is in contrast to bottles. One has much less garbage, empty bottles are nowhere lying round and plugs simply makes fun.

A music arrangement may on also no account lack of course. This should be equipped with radio and CD field. So that all guests can enjoy the music, the acoustic irradiation must be also right. Thus the loudspeakers should always point at the middle of the space. Also the achievements must fit by the music arrangement and the loudspeakers. Who would also like to spend television evenings in the party room, should also tune here the devices to the loudspeakers.

The party rooms lighting – the mood provider

lightning-in-cellarLighting effects while celebrating is essential in case of mood. With it this arises music and special lighting effects may not be absent. Besides, coloured walls are perfect here. These can be illuminated either with light brightly, or one decides on colorful wall colour. Special lighting effects can be created with disco balls (electrically / simply) or run lights.

Also with black light, light tubes and gedimmten advertisements some zones of the party room can be illuminated straight or allow to look more dim. It cares to light up lounge corners with hassock or similar rather discreetly and with indirect light. Also candles have turned out very mood-supporting.

Attention: Provided that your candles use, it pays attention to the fire risk. Always have an eye on open fire and always have the overview where the fire extinguisher stands.

However, the base of your dance floor should always be a lighting system which owns different modes according to needs and runs in the beat of the music. They provide for light, lighting effects and wall projections of all kind. Then paired with a nebulous machine you compete with every disco. Modern and more expensive lighting systems also have laser light and party laser with which her whole laser shows can do magic in your cellar.

You find even more tips with us under party lighting and our nebulous machine test.
Bar and fridge can be easily decorated with lights LED and candle-lighted rallies.

Party room walls dressing tips

The walls have a big influence on the overall impression of the party room, therefore, you should consider exactly how these should be formed and be decorated. We have put together to you for this a few ideas and tips. A wall coated with board varnish which is placed behind the bar is well suited, for example to cover a wall already once. It can be marked with chalk and can be washed easily again. Thus a new motto or also drinks and cocktail variations can decorate at every party the wall.

For example, wall tattooes with sayings or party motives which provide for the right atmosphere offer an other possibility. Pictures and posters are the most favorable and easiest form of the wall creation, however, are better than a naked wall. Coloured wallpaper or even photo wallpaper with suitable motives offers a great variation to decorate whole walls from the top to the bottom.

Provided that you want to isolate your party room soundproof, you can hit immediately 2 flies with a flap. When have proved favourably itself the egg cartons which are placed on the wall. You can paint this brightly and they will absorb guaranteed an amount of sound. However, there are still other insulating coatings which can be decorated with own decoration elegant.