Party Organization

friends-organizing-a-partyWho has decided to throw own party, to organise a celebration for a good friend or to put a family celebration on the legs, that is not ordinarily content with “standard”. It has to do something special here and should be no celebration which is dull or usual.
To put such a thing on the legs, not only good tips are important, but also own creativity and a good serving of planning talent and organisation talent. Who does not credit with this himself, can allow to organise the party of course also. Now we have to organise 2 possibilities a party:

  1. Self organization of the Party
  2. Party of a service provider allow to organise

Organize your party yourself – First tips

The first step before something is procured, “To Do list” which lists all important working steps to be provided. A previous brainstorming can be helpful, so that one lights up ideas of many sides and gets if necessary also new ideas. Even if this list sounds at first complicated and irritating, cannot be often enough repeated as important this list is. Invested time in this list and processes them step by step.

Notices: The To Do list“ is the most important ally if it therefore a good party goes of organising perfectly. Only so nothing will forget.

The following corner point should be on the list:

  • When the party starts
  • Which mottoe has the celebration?
  • Location
  • Company list
  • Food, drinking, refreshment bar
  • Music directions
  • DJ
  • Decoration elements

Another important point are the invitations. At this very banal point you can compare a bad and a well and professionally organised party. If you want to make it right, makes you in the approach most exactly about the composition of the company lists thoughts. Who fits which types by people should be invited? Who brings mood who is rather quiet? Is there conflict potential? Here it is a matter a healthy middle thing of finding and afterwards strictly for all guests the invitation cards rauszuschicken. The stress lies on “everybody”. If somebody gets the invitation later, conflict is preprogrammed.

Tip: In the invitation should be already mentioned, till when an assent or refusal should occur. Only so you can plan professionally in the future. All other is an amateur party.

The selection of the partylocation

satisfied-partyguestsAs the next point it is a matter of selecting a suitable location for your party. Professional party organizers know that a good party depends largely on the loaded guests and the mood originating then.

However, the difference between a good one and an unusual, sensational and legendary party is the choice of an unusual and fantastic location. Of course one can celebrate at home in the cellar, throw a garden party, or rent a party room. But pure outstanding parties take place at really cool places. Here are a few examples around to inspire you:

  • Finca with pool (pool party)
  • Scrap yard
  • Airplane hangar
  • Roof patio on 50th floor
  • Party barn
  • Swimming-pool

Just thus as an example, so that you recognise the difference to a normal house party. It puts you before the party takes place in a swimming-pool with many smaller washbasins and 1-2 children’s slides. All guests come to bath things, the basses spread about the water, the jacuzzi is full with guests them her cocktails enjoy and abfeiern. With such a location no celebration can keep up at home.

The mottoe makes the music

With a witty party mottoe can put her still I dot then and lend the certain spice. Depending on to which occasion the party is up to, one is perhaps a little bit limited and some ideas does not fit to every mottoe. Here a few ideas with which mottoes you can contrast with a customary party:

  • 80th party
  • Costume party film stars, Sciense Fiction or Middle Ages style
  • Beach party
  • Black & White party
  • Moulin blusher mottoe
  • Oldies Night
  • Pirate’s party
  • Roman night

Food and drinking has to be organized

A party without feeding is like a car without wheels and does not go virtually at all. If you will do a cocktail party don’t chose just one cocktail. Plan a lot of them, at least 5 namely and also anti-alcoholic ones. To the subject Eaing & Drinking on a party we have a separate article, hence, we will come only very much shortly after.

In food should not be saved, because a growling stomach does not celebrate with pleasure. If the guests are strengthened and the alcohol tastes, then can be also celebrated the more violently.

A good possibility with many guests is the classical refreshment bar. One can get ready this very nicely and high grade and everybody can take whenever he would want. To dish up specially ways makes only at smaller celebrations sense, it becomes usually easy is too costly. A list with all ingredients for salads, bread, dips and snacks comes of course for To Do list.

Party to be done by a professional service provider

Who does not belong to it the organisation and everything what would like to stem or is able, that also has to give the possibility this in professional hands. There is service provider who have specialised in an adjustment of a party. As with many services in this world, it is not with party organizers also other, as that they differ extremely of each other. This is why nothing else is left than to put through the paces the price and achievement of offers.

Tip: One recognises a good service provider by the fact that nothing is impossible and the customer wish has absolute priority.

Often it seems that a service provider would like to take over not only the organisation but to bring the catering, the DJ, the location and the service staff to the man in the same train also immediately still. So care before unnecessary costs (we have put together to you here still helpful infos to party costs). Here still a small check list, as her offers can take under the magnifying glass:

  • Are there authoritative customers?
  • Were these contented?
  • Which achievements encloses the offer exactly
  • Quality of offered dishes and drinks

Even if one can hand over many duties to a party manager, quick shots are to be avoided, nevertheless. To organise a really good party his time lasts, also with professionals.