Garden Party

gardenparty-with-barbecueA garden party is a special form of celebration which can be thrown nearly for every occasion (birthday, jubilee party, wedding or similar) and is of course always a highlight: Tasty food, amusing company and snug summer evenings provide for a unique ambience under free sky.
Who has his own garden or can also use an allotment garden, has created the best prerau’s settlements to organise an unforgettable garden celebration. Who plans, however, such a garden fete, nevertheless, besides, something should follow, before it can go off. We help you in it.

The planning of the garden party – good ideas for an unforgettable evening

The planning should begin to fix the number and kind of the guests. This is necessary to be able to calculate have to exist around, how many seats and how many dishes or drinks. Who does not dispose of enough chairs, simply turns to a drink trader or a party service: These offer almost always beer tent sets to the rental company. Ideally one saves so also own construction and dismantling.

Also it must be noted that for emergency case a kind of roofing is ready. The weather should be never let out of sight, also in summer. If one did not like to or can change with his guests simply in the house, if it should suddenly rain, makes the lease of a pavilion or also a party tent with which the side walls can be opened arbitrarily and be closed, sense. Also own beer-pump, for example, can find place in this tent if the terrace does not offer enough space. Not seldom the grill and him is here place needs.

What kind of events can be celebrated in the garden?

There are numerous occasions for the celebration which can be moved in the garden area. These would be:

  • Farewell party
  • Surprise party
  • Birthday party
  • Wedding-eve party
  • Pool party
  • Baptism events

Food and drinking on the garden partys

guests-bbqAfterwards it goes to the purchase of the drinks. Here something should be present for everybody, because drinks are the most important in a garden party. Because celebrations takes place in own garden in direction during the warm summer months, it is advisable to cool the bottles at least 24 hours before. A bowl filled with water from metal which remains overnight in the freezer makes available enough ice – one gives one more pinch of salt about that, besides, this does not melt so fast. In addition, at big celebrations it is advisable to buy drinks on commission, also dishes or glasses can be lent with a party service. Who orders food on top of that with the same service provider, gets mostly even the costs for dinnerware and so on remitted.

Tip: Grill property, dips and sauces should be already produced in the eve in sufficient amount itself and be cooled. Thus one deals a the same day by far less.

Another possibility is natural to prepare food independently. If very high temperatures rule, should be renounced courts with raw eggs. Also cream gateaux and ice are not necessarily suitable well for the heat – much more tasty is a cooled fruit salad. In general the guests reach on warm days rather to be refreshed, chill delicacies or to small snacks instead of the too big and heavy courts who hard lie in the stomach.

Chips, goulash soup and so on have lost on the garden party nothing, rather one places on little rissole spit, coloured salads or also on grilled. Broiling and barbecue, particularly in open fireplaces arrive safely mostly very much (especially for men) and are mostly a central component of every party in the garden (see also barbecue party).

If one liked to make to himself himself particularly little work with food, simply asks the guests to bring something.

The suitable decoration for the gardening party

garden-ambienceOnly the right decoration makes the ambience of a garden party perfect – then where it is also comfortable, the guests spend with pleasure her time. An expensive, luxurious descoration is on no account necessary here, as with little money a lot of beauty can be already created. If one distributes fresh flowers and fragrant grass on the tables and puts them, besides, in coloured bottles which are decorated with sateen tapes, looks the table decoration summery light and delightfully unconstrained. Also swimming candles with blossoms or also the citrus fruits which one gives in glass bowls are a pretty idea on the tables and the refreshment bar. Who owns a pond, can work here also with tea lights. Besides, especially nobly work garden torches which can be placed in different points in the garden and also make darker corners of the garden a comfortable place.

The garden party under the colour mottoe

A nice idea and especially originally is to put his personal summers to garden celebration under quite a certain mottoe. Thus one can hold, for example, the complete decoration in a striking one red and also on a red invitation card the guests therefore ask in red clothes to appear. Candles, plates, table covers, party tent and other decoration-elements should be selected in all conceivable red tones and be placed. This becomes absolutely an experience for every camera.

If one liked to do the whole even further, there are red cocktails, Erdbeer Limes, richly tomato variations and red jelly to the dessert. Unforgettably this celebration becomes anyway.

Garden lighting for the party – an important point

The summer is long bright in direction and brings the best conditions on an athmosphärische summer night party. However, sometime it is also getting dark sometimes and in the garden it is getting dark without any preparation fast. In closed rooms one can switch on fast one or other indirect light, however, this does not succeed of compelling masses in the garden area. to make reason enough itself thoughts about the perfect Be and illumination.

Tip: With the outside lighting is less simply more – worries you for vague and discreet lighting without direct irradiation.

Especially well torches are suited in ways or on the edge of the garden. A natural fire, perhaps, also an outside chimney, were and are the best mood doers. There are favorable garden torches with chargeable lamp oil already to shop for few bugs. However, open fire never left except view. The danger of a fire is too big. Also small solar lights look not garish and can be tested straight in the evening before to determine the optimum lighting conditions. Also smart ground emitters can make with skilful illumination a lot here. However, candles can go out with a small summer breeze fast sometimes and siind, hence, less suitable, unless they are in a special glass container.

Find here useful ideas for ambience and decoration for your own backyard party

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